I love trash the dress sessions, I think the style of photography is really gorgeous, and it is another unique memory of your wedding! Enjoy! 

IMG_5976k IMG_5984k IMG_6008k IMG_6008kk IMG_6023k IMG_6026 IMG_6038k IMG_6049 IMG_6064k IMG_6080 IMG_6091k IMG_6103k IMG_6107 IMG_6109k IMG_6119 IMG_6128 IMG_6132 IMG_6135 IMG_6141 IMG_6151k IMG_6156 IMG_6156k IMG_6165 IMG_6167 IMG_6173 IMG_6175k IMG_6184 IMG_6193 IMG_6209k IMG_6223 IMG_6227 IMG_6248 IMG_6264 IMG_6292 IMG_6296k IMG_6309k IMG_6319k IMG_6323kk.jpg IMG_6323kkk IMG_6342 copy IMG_6358 IMG_6370 IMG_6375 IMG_6378 IMG_6385 IMG_6389 IMG_6394k IMG_6407 IMG_6411 IMG_6421k IMG_6433 IMG_6441 IMG_6450k IMG_6458 IMG_6478 IMG_6478k

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